Important Information

Sometimes we can't cover everything you want to know, so here are some frequently asked questions and some basic information about the organization and our establishment experience.

Quick Facts

Colors: Royal Purple and White

Flower: Violet

Jewel: Pearl

Symbol: Sailboat

Open Motto: Faithful Unto Death

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join?

To be considered for membership, potential new members must be a fully matriculated, undergraduate student who identifies as female with a minimum 2.5 GPA. If there are any additional membership requirements from the college panhellenic council or campus, we will include those in our membership requirements

What do I need to do to show I am interested in joining?

First, stop by our table on campus or send us a message through the website - let us know that you are interested.  Come by an open event or two and get to know more about Tri Sigma.  Sign-up for a personal interview and get all your questions answered about the Tri Sigma and the expectations of membership.  

How much does it cost?

We will work with the college panhellenic council to establish a dues and fees structure that is similar to the other groups on campus. Our national new member fee is $190, and new members will have to purchase a badge prior to initiation, and pay local dues and fees set by the chapter.


What is the new member experience like?  

Well since everyone is new members at once, it is a little different, but we try to make it as similar as joining any other group on campus. We start off with a traditional bid day experience, and have a new member retreat.  All new members will be put on a committee to learn more about leadership opportunities, and the consultant on site will take you through the new member program. And instead of a big sis - you will get a twin to start your Tri Sigma family!

Does Tri Sigma have rules against hazing?

Tri Sigma is committed to promoting a safe environment and education students and advisors on harm reduction. Tri Sigma has a zero tolerance hazing policy. Anyone found in violation of our policy will be terminated from membership.  Tri Sigma has award winning prevention education programming for all chapters.

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